10.1 % rise in world’s primary Aluminum production in February 2015


ArabMetal – International Aluminium Institute (IAI) announced that the total world production of primary Aluminum up to 4.504 million tons February 2014, an increase of 10.1% compared to the production of 4.091 million tons for the same period of last year.

According to production figures announced by the Institute, «Arab metals» obtained a copy of which, the production of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) rose by 17.17% to 389 thousand tons in February 2015, compared to 332 thousand tons in February 2014.

Chinese production recorded an increase of 20.19% up to 2.203 million tons, compared to 1.883 for the same periods of comparison, respectively.

Asian countries Production (excluding China and the Gulf Cooperation Council) rose by 19.78% to 218 thousand tons, Western Europe 4.09% to 280 thousand tons, Eastern and Central Europe by 2.09 to 293 thousand tons.

The rest of the regions experienced uneven decline in production, North America declined by -3.31% to 350 thousand tons, South American countries by -26.62% to 102 thousand tons, Oceania by – 5.03% to 151 thousand tons.


distribution of  primary Aluminium production in February 2015 by region %



Source: IAI