Middle East holds high potential for Aluminium downstream facilities



The potential to develop downstream facilities in aluminium industry is higher in the Middle East region compared to anywhere else in the world and an increasing number of downstream players are jumping on to the bandwagon, according to a senior official of Italy-based Salico Group.

He said the upstream facilities are already well developed and the outlook for downstream facilities is rosy as the regional economies are diversifying.

“We want to cash in on the diversification taking place in the region. The sector is getting competitive, but we are well-placed to gain as we have good technology balanced with price,” said Cesar Martin, Sales and Technology Director at Salico Group.

“We have always been making tailor-made products. The potential in the region is high for higher quality segments like automotive, aerospace and oil and gas distribution segments. Not much value addition is done in construction industry, so we are more focused on the other segments,” he said.

Salico Group is specialized in finishing and cutting for both ferrous and non-ferrous metal strip and mainly focused on high technological solutions and continuous innovation of the products.

The current facilities of Salico include a manufacturing workshop of 5,000 square metres of covered area in Molteno, next to the company’s headquarters.